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For those of us who don't really want to leave Elsewhere, bring the party to you!

Sometimes it is hard work to relax and you don't really want to interrupt the flow.  Or other times, small children make it less appealing to leave Elsewhere.  For whatever reason, we can help you create your own activities without leaving the villa.

Spa Day

Enjoy a day of massages, manicures and pedicures right on the veranda of Elsewhere.  You can even throw in a hair braid if you choose!  Let Kemoy know how many and what services and he will make a few calls to get you the best service possible.  Make sure you confirm prices and times in advance.

Caribbean Night

To celebrate a special occasion, your last night at Elsewhere or to just add a little sizzle to the sunset hour, ask Kemoy to arrange a steel drum band to play on the lawn.  The sweet sound of the island beat can makes any evening a celebration!

After a scrumptious dinner from Chef Kassandra featuring Jamaican cuisine, sit back and relax and end the evening watching a bonfire on the beach.  Kemoy can help you organize for some bamboo and wood to be delivered and John and Kemoy can build the fire for you.  

Explore the Lagoon

Elsewhere is located on the Montego Bay Marine Park and has the privilege of enjoying crystal clear water and beautiful marine life.  

In the morning, take your coffee onto the dock and feed the fish.  Ask Delores for their favorite foods, sausage and bread, and watch the schools arrive for their daily feeding.

For a little exercise, take one of the kayaks out and explore.  Around the back of the Lagoon is calm waters and beautiful mangroves.  To get a closer look at the aquatic wildlife, take along a snorkel and mask and tie up where the snorkeling boats moor.  Make sure your kayak, paddles and snorkeling equipment are secure!  Do not take the kayaks outside the calm waters of the Lagoons and go early in the morning or close to sunset for the calmest waters.


Paint and Sip

The staff can also arrange for Island Strokes to come to Elsewhere for an evening of artistic exploration.  Sip your drinks and allow the artist in you to come out -- no experience necessary!  A fun evening for all ages, completely organized by the professional team at Island Strokes.

Delightful Dinners

For a special dinner, the staff can organize a party on the veranda, the dock, or the beach for you.  For birthdays or anniversaries, let us add some decorations with a special cake prepared by Kassandra.  Enjoy!