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Restaurants in and around Montego Bay

Most guests will tell you that the best meal in Montego Bay is in your villa, prepared by Chef Kassandra and served by Kemoy!  But if you want to go out to eat once or twice (just so you can appreciate how good it really is) there are many choices and several are only a few minutes away from Elsewhere.

The Houseboat Grill is walking distance from the villa and our top recommendation for a nice evening meal in a unique atmosphere.  Reservations required and request to be seated on the top deck to dine under the stars or outside on the deck to watch the fish swim around you.  For a little bit of trivia, The Houseboat was originally owned and operated by Tim Moxon whose claim to fame was portraying John Strangeways, the first character killed in a James Bond movie.

The Montego Bay Yacht Club is also conveniently located and a short walk away.  Recommended for a leisurely lunch or evening meal (read - don't be in a hurry!)  The setting is outdoors with a beautiful view of the lights of Montego Bay.  After you place your order, take a walk down the pier and check out the boats.

For a taste or Jamaica, the Pelican is a good choice for breakfast or lunch.  Located on the "Hip Strip", it is a good choice on the way to or from the airport.  Known for their Jamaican specialties, don't miss out on the best chocolate malts on the island.  

Scotchies is a top recommendation for authentic jerk chicken, fish or pork.  While the jerk chicken and pork are consistently named the best on the island, my personal favorite is the roasted fish fillet.  Don't forget the roast breadfruit, festivals and other delicious sides.  The restaurant is open air and a hangout for locals and tourists alike.  You can also order to go for a day outing or to take back to the villa.  

Marguerite's By the Sea is an upscale restaurant located on the waterfront of the "Hip Strip".   Located right next door is the Blue Beat Jazz and Martini Bar - which sometimes has Jazz but always has martinis!  Reservations required.

Put your swimsuits on and head out to Margueritaville for lunch, water trampolines, and their three story waterslide.  Fun for the whole family!

For a special occasion, the Sugar Mill Restaurant is a beautiful setting with wonderful food.  Dine outside under a massive sea grape tree, next to a turning waterwheel dating back to the 1600's.  Reservations required.  A little longer of a drive, but well worth it when you get there.

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